Through true allyship and advocacy, a potential Hawse-Elias administration is not going to sit on the sidelines and ignore the problems that impact marginalized student populations. Our potential administration condemns all acts of discrimination, and we strive to foster a campus culture that ensures that students from all backgrounds and marginalized communities feel represented by:


  • Facilitating meetings between campus administration and members of the student body to ensure that SGA provides a platform for students. If you are interested in sharing your concerns with an administrator, we can use SGA resources to assist you with scheduling a meeting with admin 

  • Working with university administration to establish an initiative tracker for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)  initiatives 

  • Implementing a conference for minority researchers with the assistance of UKSGA's Senate Academic and Student Affairs Committee, providing a platform for students to present their research projects to SGA members and the student body. This conference will also focus on providing more funding for research opportunities and projects conducted by students at the University of Kentucky. 

  • Working alongside graduate student organizations and groups focused on advocating for improving the experience of graduate students on campus

  • Lobbying the Alumni Association to create mentorship programs that will connect currently enrolled students to alumni

  • Updating and promoting a minority-owned business guide for Lexington  


  • Expanding involvement opportunities to ensure that students have an equal opportunity to get involved with SGA through joining committee, volunteering, or joining the Executive team. No student should be excluded or turned away from joining SGA

  • Establishing an SGA Safety Committee for students to serve an active role in providing feedback for campus safety policies for on and off-campus

  • Creating more funding opportunities for multicultural organizations


  •  Advocating for more campus office space to be reserved for multicultural student organizations 

Council of Student Leaders 

 All students would be eligible to apply on BBNVOLVED. We would want to accept applications for the fall semester and reopen applications for the spring semester to ensure that members of newly registered student organizations have the opportunity to apply. 

  • Our team wants to create a platform for minority student organizations and voices not historically represented in SGA to have delegates that serve on the SGA Executive Branch, in order to ensure that an SGA under a potential Hawse-Elias administration represents individuals from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. The purpose of the Council of Student Leaders is to promote representation and to ensure that Student Government initiatives receive student input.