We are going to hire a team of directors that will work on initiatives based on your concerns.  The Executive Branch under a Hawse-Elias administration will be organized into four committees of directors that work together to respond to the problems of our campus. Also, below you will find our proposal for how SGA Executive Branch meetings can be structured under a potential Hawse-Elias administration.


 Finance and Economic Inclusion Committee

Members: Director of Finance of Economic Equity (Chair) and Economic Inclusion Coordinator that will work alongside Senate’s committee on Appropriations and Revenue and the Student Fee Allocation Committee

  • The SGA budget can examined and budgeted to direct funding towards creating new grants and programming to make a more equitable student experience 

  • Promoting and building an inclusive Student Fee Allocation Committee that includes members of student organizations 

                                                                   Equity and Inclusive Advocacy Committee

Members: Director of Equity and Advocacy (Chair), Director of Government Relations and Civic Engagement, Director of Graduate Student Affairs, Director of Data Analytics.  

  • In order to implement policies that reduce economic, racial, and systemic inequalities this committee will be designed to engage in both hearing members of the campus community and acting beyond their behalf from the halls at UK to the halls of our State Legislature. 


Equity and Advocacy Subcommittees:  Student Coalition for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Council of Student Leaders; Civic CATS 

1. Student Coalition for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (SCDEI) -  All students are eligible to apply on BBNVOLVED year-round

  • SCDEI will be more of a student voice committee that will work to establish action items for the student government leaders to advocate for. We believe that community safety, healthcare access, and bias incident accountability should be three issues that SCDEI begins to examine during the fall 2021 semester.  

  • Members of SCDEI will be eligible and tasked with helping the Chief of Staff and President appoint students to workgroups and workstreams 

  • SCDEI will evaluate how SGA and university programming initiatives can become more equitable and inclusive 


2. Council of Student Leaders 

Members : All students are eligible to apply on BBNVOLVED and will accept applications for the fall semester and will reopen applications for the spring semester, in order to ensure that members of newly registered student organizations have the opportunity to apply. 

  • We want to create a place for minority student organizations to have delegates that serve on the SGA Executive Branch, in order to ensure that an SGA under a Hawse-Elias administration represents students from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. 


3. Civic CATS

Members: All Student are eligible to apply on BBNVOLVED year-round

  • Students that meet to create ideas for the director of Civic Engagement to lobby state legislators, city council members, and University of Kentucky administrators. 

  • This subcommittee is not affiliated with a political party, but we want to address issues related to higher education. Specifically, rising tuition costs and funding for higher education institutions in Kentucky.



Members: Director of Communications (Chair), Director of Inclusive Outreach and Student Engagement, Public Relations Coordinator, Graphic Design Team, Director of Information Technology

  • This committee will oversee communication strategies for all of SGA. One person can’t speak for our organization, so in order to create more oversight and inclusion, this committee will be a place for both crafting and evaluating SGA’s public statements, graphics, and website. 



                                                                                           Student Services

Members: Deputy Chief of Staff (Chair), Director of Student Services, Director of Wildcat Wardrobe, Director of Campus Safety, Director of Health and Wellness, Director of Sustainability. 

  • Bringing these directors together to work in a unified way will make sure that the needs of students come first under a Hawse-Elias administration, if elected. 


Student Services subcommittee: Health and Wellness Task Force and Safety Committee

Members: All students are open to apply on BBNVOLVED year-round

  • These two subcommittees will meet monthly or as needed to work to ensure that student wellbeing is prioritized in both SGA and the university administration. This group will help organize events on campus promoting wellbeing and evaluate the university’s mental health and safety policies and find solutions that will improve student life. 

SGA Executive Meetings under a Hawse-Elias administration 

SGA Executive meetings will alternate between committee meetings and full Executive Branch meetings. During weeks where committees meet, there will be time for directors and coordinators to work on Executive proposals together, brainstorm solutions, meet with student groups, or meet with administrators as a committee. The President, VP, Chief of Staff, and Policy Director will present to each committee issues that should be addressed and offer resources of support. 


  • Full Executive Branch meetings will be for all Directors and Coordinators to meet as a full team. This time can be used to update other committees about progress/have time for collaboration.