We understand that sustainable initiatives are taking place on our campus, but we also want to advocate for tangible and long-term sustainability initiatives that will ensure that sustainability is at the forefront of our campus community. A Hawse-Elias administration will advocate for: 

Carbon Neutral SGA

  • Use part of the SGA budget to purchase carbon offsets (preferably from Kentucky locations). Carbon offsets are basically ways to purchase the storage of carbon. For example, if we calculate that we burn 100 pounds of carbon (through coal) to keep the lights on in the SGA office every year, we can enter into an agreement with affiliates to remove the carbon from the coal we burned, so it doesn’t go into the atmosphere.

Less Waste in Dining Halls

  • Advocate to reduce the use of single-use plastics and styrofoam. In order to promote sustainability, we would like to launch a pilot-program for plastic and styrofoam alternatives. 

  • Expanding composting to retail dining locations, which will help ensure that food is composted efficiently 

  • Expanding Local food access 
and fresh produce in wildcat pantry

Endowment Reform

The endowment is a collection of pools of money acquired from donors 

  • Investing in local business and industries that are sustainable 


Establishment of a Campus Student Sustainability Center

  • Right now, the UK Sustainability Office is in Peterson Service Building and not easy to find, which is not accessible to many student populations. The Hawse-Elias Team would like to possibly find a location to place a Sustainability Center on campus, which would allow for students to access resources related to sustainability initiatives and programming. 

Sustainability Equity

  • Setting up school material recycling stations for pens, highlighters, and markers in classroom buildings on campus


  • Establishing funding for a garden on campus to grow vegetables and fruit that will be donated seasonally to the Wildcat Pantry and other pantries in the Lexington community.