By attending UK, administrators have a responsibility to put your needs first. Under a Hawse-Elias administration we will ensure that administration is held accountable for addressing the needs of students both on and off campus. Our administration wants to ensure that we are transparent about campus decision-making and strive to provide tools that will guarantee that we will be held accountable as student leaders. If elected, we will: 


COVID-19 Response

  • Advocate that the university needs to notify students of exposure in a more timely manner 

  • Establish a line of open communication with Health Corp and our proposed Committee for Wellness 

  • Lobby for administration to meet with and hear the concerns of university staff, including undergraduate workers, regarding COVID-19 exposure and risks

Advocate for Administration office hours

Students that seek to meet with UK administrators to discuss their concerns or experiences should not be denied the opportunity. No student on this campus should feel ignored or like their concerns are not valid. As potential representatives of UK’s student body, we want to implement administrative office hours, which ensures that YOU are given the opportunity to advocate. The goals of administrative office hours will be to:

  • Ensure that SGA is connecting members of the student body to administrators tasked with making campus decisions

  • Promote transparency and communication between administrators and students 

  • Establish a relationship and campus culture that allows for students to hold administrators accountable for placing student needs and voice first