Our campus is a community. It is the responsibility of student leaders from all walks of life to ensure that our students are safe and included. This is no different for UKSGA. As students, we recognize both the history and present issues that threaten our student body such as acts of hatred, racial bias, and violence. Our community can be better and will be better. However, this means we must not shy away from discussions and action-items that ensure the safety of every student, regardless of their background. These are the problems of our times and the problems of our history. They will not be solved unless our leaders in our community are able to step up and be heard by: 


  • Advocating for more transparency and accountability from administration about campus safety measures both on and off-campus

  • Hosting and promoting discussions about items that can be taken to address hate crimes and discrimination


  • Supporting for a Women’s Resource Office to be placed on campus as a home for women from all backgrounds


  • Working with administration to ensure that sexual assault prevention training such as Green Dot is more widespread on campus and accessible to student organizations

  • Pushing administration to implement an ongoing initiative of allowing students to have access to their WildCards through Apple Wallet and possibly other online platforms 


  • Making Suicide Prevention Training mandatory for both incoming freshmen and transfer students

  • Increasing and promoting legal aid resources for off-campus students

  • Advocating for more accessibility for disabled students in campus buildings

  • Connecting safety and health and wellness, considering these are two areas that often overlap