Students should have a campus that promotes both their wellbeing and opportunities for success and involvement.  A potential Hawse-Elias administration will be focused from day one on ensuring that students have the financial and academic support to perform their best at UK and beyond. UK should be a place that sets up every student to join the workforce or pursue further study. Students should not have to struggle to gain access to study resources for graduate school or involvement opportunities. A Hawse-Elias will advocate for the following: 

Implementing a new SGA program called Civic CATS

  • Interested students would meet to create ideas for Executive Directors to lobby state legislators, city council members, and University of Kentucky administrators. This subcommittee would not be affiliated with a political party, but we want to address issues related to higher education and equity. Specifically, rising tuition costs and social issues impacting higher education in Kentucky.


  • Creating more free access to updated LSAT, MCAT, GRE, and pre-professional books for students pursuing grad opportunities

  • Streamlining the funding process for both the creation of and funding for student organizations

  • Boosting funding opportunities for both new and existing student organizations 

  • Expanding funding for UK students participating in undergrad research and graduate research 

  • Advocating for college transition programs: Programming designed to help students transition to in-person classes or a college setting pre-covid will ensure that students are set-up for success. The Hawse-Elias Team thinks this should be implemented during the 2021-2022 school year​.

  • Providing community service and internship opportunities that are accessible and safe for students