Mental health is a key component to our safety and wellbeing as students and as a campus community. 64% of university students drop out because of mental health concerns. The pressures in our lives are enormous and it is of the utmost importance that students at the University of Kentucky feel safe and comfortable seeing mental health professionals on and off-campus. However, in order to create this culture we need to meet students where they are. This is a pandemic and it will not be easily resolved. It is our responsibility to do what we can to create more accessibility in our mental health resources. UK has many resources; however, it can be hard for students to navigate these resources and nearly impossible to get the help that they need. It is our priority to ensure that UKSGA and our university provide students with the resources they need by:

  • Advocating for a Canvas shell that lists resources related to physical wellbeing, COVID-19, mental health, academics, diversity and inclusion, involvement opportunities, financial aid/wellness 

  • Supporting the creation of a UK Mental Health Bill of Rights, a tool that will be used to ensure that administration prioritizes the mental health needs of students 

  • Working with WellKentucky to make their website about health and wellness resources linked to MyUK for students to access quickly

  • Pushing administrators to fulfill their commitment to hiring more BIPOC and marginalized counselors and administrators that are able to address the mental health needs of marginalized communities

  • Expanding telehealth and amount of counseling center visits for students on and off-campus 

  • Implementing an SGA Health and Wellness task-force team. This team will work to address mental health and health concerns of students that can be presented to administrators such as the Counseling Center and Health Corps.