SGA Executive Branch and Senate Relations


A Hawse-Elias administration will establish more collaboration with the legislative body of SGA. In doing so, the President, Vice President, and Chief of Staff will work with the Senate to pursue a united agenda and deliver legislation that makes life better for the student body. The President and Vice President will collaborate with the Senate Chair directly to pass initiatives in the Senate and promote collaboration between the Executive and Legislative Branch   of SGA by: 

  • Updating the SGA initiative tracker to increase collaboration between Executive members and Senators

  • Creating meetings between SGA Executive Directors and Senators about campus issues to encourage collective-action 

  •  Hosting and planning multiple sessions of Greendot (Sexual Assault) and QPR (Suicide Prevention) trainings for all SGA members 

  • Currently, we have full Exec and full Senate meetings. A Hawse-Elias admin will plan monthly full SGA meetings between Senate and Executive team members to build working-relationships to address campus issues at-large.


Building More Inclusive Leadership


  • Expanding SGA active membership from the beginning by expanding SGA's first-year Leadership Development Program (LDP) and having an application and interview process that is equitable for all freshman students  

  • Expanding LDP shadowing program to include all interested student organization leaders and interested Alumni

  • Allowing LDP students to have the opportunity to meet with and collaborate with higher administration

  • Communicating to campus organizations and offices about Student Government involvement opportunities, which can help with reaching students not historically represented in Student Government