While UKSGA has done many things over the years to better the lives of students, we want to continue building relationships with students. Under a Hawse-Elias administration, you aren't going to feel as if we aren't fighting for you. We will be fully transparent with the student body on what SGA is doing day in and day out and hold ourselves accountable to fighting for student issues that have not been fairly heard. This will be accomplished through evaluating each and every Executive team member to make sure that we are performing above and beyond the standard you ask of us. If elected, we will: 

  • Ensure that SGA Directors and Senators are performing the duties listed in the UKSGA Constitution

  • Provide the UKSGA Senate Operations and Evaluations Committee with the power to review the performance of Executive Staff that are not following SGA’s Constitution or the Student Code of Conduct

  • Uphold hiring practices that provide an equal opportunity for all students to get involved with SGA

  • Advocate for weekly updates to be placed on the UKSGA website from members of Senate Leadership and the Executive Team about their ongoing initiatives  

  • Provide avenues such as Town Halls that will allow for students to work with SGA Senators and Executive members to draft legislation and Executive Orders that address the needs of UK’s student body ​