The Hawse-Elias Plan for Campus Safety

Proximity to campus should not limit your resources and ability to feel safe. Even if you are an off-campus resident, you deserve to feel like your surrounding campus community is safe. We need to address campus safety concerns of  both residential and off-campus students to ensure that students can pursue their academics in a safe environment. we believe campus leadership should address how campus safety can promote inclusivity and belonging.  

The Hawse-Elias Team supports: 

  • Implementing a campus safety committee that will ensure that campus safety initiatives receive input from members of marginalized and underrepresented communities

  • Working with administration to ensure that sexual assault prevention training such as Green Dot is more widespread on campus and accessible to student organizations

  • Increasing and promoting legal aid resources for off-campus students and residential students

  • Advocating for the increased accessibility for disabled students in older campus buildings

  • Strengthening the working-relationship between SGA, admin, and Lexington City Hall in order to address and remedy off-campus and residential safety concerns





Safety Mask